DateScan App
DateScan App
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Industry: Mobile and Smart Phones

Founded: 2014

DateScan is one and only App for Dating Safety.

DateScan is the only app which does not share your information with anyone. Assign emergency contacts, who will be alerted with your GPS location if you needed help. The app also allows user to send information about their daily activity, mood, audio and journal to secure server. Going on a Date? You will be safe with DateScan app features like DateScan- where you can search name against offender database and if you want to get out of awkward situation then use FakeCall feature.

DateScan is the complete personal safety app for your safety all year around.

When to use DateScan?
- Prevent Bullying
- Stop Abuse
- Stop Cyber-bullying
- Stop Assault
- Feeling Unsafe
- To Help Others.
- Being Followed.
- Scared
- Alone
- Alert Loved Ones.
- Prevent Theft.
- Teen Safety.
- Kids Safety.
- Women Safety.
- Prevent Domestic Violence.
- Prevent Sexual Abuse.
- Blind Date
- Dating.
- Security.
- Personal Safety.
- To Get Help.
And many more situations.
Keep your kids & teens Safe.
DateScan is next generation Personal Safety App.

And many more features to come.
Please test drive DateScan and please let us know your feedback.