Innovative Personal Safety App Helps Users - Snapcuff "Snap the Strangers"

As smartphones become more and more an integral part of everyday life, Companies  like Snapcuff, the creators of the innovative personal safety app by the same name,  are popping up with ideas to use the devices in new ways.  Snapcuff provides its users tools that can prevent or assist in the case of a safety emergency.

Launched in 2015, innovative personal safety appSnapcuff” is helping users feel safer by housing a GPS tracking system and route generator, a fast 911 dial, alarm and flash light and other components geared to thwart an attack or help find and save a victim. 

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Unlike the few other personal safety apps on the market today that share information with parents and friends, Snapcuff does not share any information with anyone other than the law enforcement and only with proper request.  All the information is stored in the cloud and even the police require a proper request to gain access to it. Additionally, Snapcuff offers a teen-friendly user interface and a page to upload medical information, among the differences between the comprehensive app and others in the market. 

Parents are among the biggest proponents of the app for their teenage children.  The site recommends that users alert attackers to their use of the app and that all information is stored on the cloud and inaccessible to be destroyed.  By telling the perpetrator, it may resonate with them that it is in their best interest to stop the attack, hopefully before it begins. 

Snapcuff is available on the App Store for both Apple and Android. The app is free and a current promotion offers the premium version free for life.  Snapcuff Premium Plus, an upgraded version of the app that offers a wider variety of services like Date scan which scans your date with known sexual offender and inform you promptly and also social scan where it allowed you to scan your social profile friends against know criminal and inform you promptly. Snapcuff Premium Plus is subscription-based.